11th Annual
Syracuse Run Of The Dead

October 21st, 2023


The Zombie Apocalypse Begins In:

WONDERLAND FOREST | 4812 S Cook Rd Layfette, NY US 13084

Directions: 81 South, Lafayette exit, west on Rt 20, left on Case Hill Road, at the end make left onto South Cook Rd follow until the end until you end up at Wonderland Forest.

ROTD brought to you by:

The ORIGINAL Run Of The Dead!

Are you a zombie movie fanatic? Always wondered how you would fare in the zombie apocalypse? Well this is THE event for YOU! The ROTD isn’t simple a road race with actors chasing after you…no, the ROTD is a challenging run for your life on wooded trails, with zombies around any and every tree, and MUD, lots and lots of mud. When the Fall season hits, our forest area truly feels haunted and something straight out of a horror movie. 

Admission grants you access to our event including food, music, vendors, adult beverages, and a bonfire at the end. Not only do you get to have a blast but you get to support a great cause: The Wilderness Search and Rescue Team. These are the fine folks that come find your stranded, lonely butt when you get lost in the woods hiking, camping, or running from zombies!

Think you’re gonna have a little too much fun on the walk and sippin’ a few adult beverages at the Saloon? Camping is available! Email info@wonderlandforest.com for more details!

Run of the dead participants

Runner Registration

Want to run from zombies through mud, over obstacles, across water and past the finish line? Register Here!

Zombie nun

Zombie Registration

Some of us just aren't meant to survive the zombie apocalypse...want to be a zombie? Register Here!

Girls selling cupcakes

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The Run of the Dead is the perfect opportunity to showcase your business for hundreds of people. Register Here!

Training Tips

Watch the video above to see a start to finish point of view from a previous ROTD

Before the race, you will be given a flag belt, just like the game of flag football. These flags represent your health. The zombies want to take your flags and maybe eat your brains. If you lose all your health flags, you die. And the zombies win.  You have to finish with at least one flag  to “finish” the course. There is no Time Limit, The goal is to finish and not get your brains devoured by the undead.

  • Zombies are always hungry for blood, guts and your brains.

  • Zombies will not intentionally physically contact any runner other than in attempt to pull a health flag.

  • Direct physical contact (pulling, grabbing, pushing, striking, etc.) between zombies and runners will not be permitted.

  • Do not taunt the zombies with your brains– that is just plain mean.


People LOVE The Run Of The Dead

Enjoyed every bit of the run, obstacles are superb and zombies 🧟‍♂️ 🧟‍♀️ are mind blowing, they come out from no where and takes the race to next level.
Achyuth Kumar
LOVE THIS RUN!!! We had a RIOT! So much mud and the zombies were soooo creepy! They really do a nice job with this one. And Limp Lizard’s food truck was a great choice for post race grub by the bonfire!
Penny Donahue
It is such great time! Seeing how people dress them selves up as zombies and other things. It's a real fun idea for a good cause. This is my second year doing it and I can't wait for next year!
Dennis Wood
Zombie holding tree

Running for your life not your thing?


A half mile long (about 25-30 min) twisting and turning path straight through the doors of hell. All guests 14 and older are welcome, 13 and under must be accompanied by an adult. 


Wilderness Search And Rescue

Wilderness Search and Rescue Team, also known as Wilderness Rescue was formed in 1979 to assist conservation and law enforcement agencies in searches for lost persons in the forest and wilderness areas of New York State. This non-profit organization is made up of volunteers from Onondaga County who receive intense training to provide them with the necessary skills to be part of an organized search.

The Wilderness SAR Team is dependent solely on the generosity of individuals and other organizations. We receive no funding from any government source. The money that is donated to us is used for operations of the team.