Frequently Asked Questions

I want to run with all my friends or create a team for us so we can run together?  

Unfortunately there is not a way to sign up a team this year. BUT the good news is you can still run with all of your friends and all you have to do is simply register for the same wave start time, and put your friends name in the ‘request teammates’ box when you sign up and on race day the event staff will make sure you all get to run together. 

There are several other zombie/monster runs in the Syracuse area this year, why would I choose the “Run of the Dead”?

Well, mainly because the ROTD is AWESOME, and it’s the original zombie run in Syracuse. In all seriousness, the ROTD is not simply a road run with some actors chasing after you: this is a new course on a hand-created, wooded trail with plenty of places for our zombies to hang out and hide. This new course will be physically challenging but not impossible. The area has blessed us with some great natural obstacles (including mud, lots of mud) and the forest looks like something out of a horror movie, especially in the fall. Also, your admission gets you entry to our Afterparty event, complete with food, vendors, adult beverages, and a bonfire. And the best part, you are supporting a great cause: the Wilderness Search and Rescue Team. These are the guys that come find you if you get lost in the woods, hiking, camping, or running from zombies!

What if I have never run a race of any kind before this, let alone a 5K? 

Directly repost copy as — This will be run on a 5K course through the woods that will be physically challenging but certainly not impossible. This run is actually a “challenge”, more than it is a true “race”. Your goal is to finish (and survive the blood-thirsty, brain craving zombies), and you may find that your running performance increases when you are being hunted. You will need all of your wits to safely reach the finish line. It’s sometimes better to be smart than fast.

I ran the course last year, why would I want to do it again and what is different?

Well, other than the fact that this event is awesome: we have a completely new location and course this year. Any obstacles are natural (mud, rocks, wet leaves, tight corners) and we have had another year to train our zombies. In addition, the afterparty/event area will be right at the site and will be much different from previous years.

So, I am going to get all muddy and wet, how will I be able to participate in the fun at the park afterwards?

Don’t worry: wipe the tears and the mud from your face.  We have added a FREE bag check and showers to the event area this year, so that you can get cleaned up and/or change if need be.  We recommend that you check a towel and also a dry pair of shoes as well if you really want to impress the zombies.   

What is included in my runner participant fee (What’s in it for me)? 

A BIG portion of the proceeds do go to the Wilderness Search and Rescue Team (a volunteer organization trained to search for missing/lost persons in wilderness areas).  In addition, you get a t-shirt, a run bracelet (number ID), access to the event grounds (which features our “zombie survival center” and “zombie transformation center”), access to the after party, including food vendors, beer vendors, music, and a free beverage (beer or other beverage), a chance to win an additional beer (if you survive with a flag), and of course you will be added to the list of human sacrifices to our resident zombie horde.  What else do you want, geez? 

What if I want to leave and come back to the afterparty?

If you are a runner, volunteer, or spectator and need to leave for any reason, please make sure you check in with registration and receive a stamp for re-entry.

Last year, I lined up for my designated wave and was not able to run immediately, will the waves be broken up again this year?  

Yes: you will line up at your designated wave time and you will be broken up into groups again.  This is to avoid “bottlenecks” throughout the course and improve the overall quality of the run.  We did add additional waves and will limit the number on each to attempt to reduce the wait time to less than 15min at most. 

I’m not really interested in running or volunteering, can I just watch and maybe take hilarious pictures of my friends as they are hunted by the undead?

There is a small spectator fee of $10.00, and you will have to sign our waiver prior to gaining access to the event grounds (see some of the features described above).  There will be plenty of places for those photo opportunities as your crazy friends and family run for their survival.

Where do I park and where is the event in relation to the parking area?

A VIP parking pass can be purchased for 15 dollars when you register. This pass will get you access to the parking area right at the park. Otherwise general parking is located in the grass field directly behind the NAPA auto parts store on 57 and next to sharkey’s.  You can access this by turning in next to the NAPA auto parts or through the sharkey’s parking lot. From the lot you will just walk over to the park. Also look for signs.

What do I do when I arrive at the park?

Everyone must register at the registration/check in table, located in the front of the park.  Our volunteers will be happy to answer your questions.

What time should I show up?  

All runners should arrive at least 1-2 hours prior to their designated wave, to allow ample time to check in.  Volunteers/Zombies should show up at two hours before the first wave or two hours prior to their designated “shift”.  Spectators can show up whenever they want to. 

Zombies scare me, what if I defend myself against the zombies or accidentally round-house kick one in the head?

Please do not make contact of any kind with the zombies.   Although they will be salivating over your juicy brains, they are trained to go after ONLY your flag.  Everyone will be at the event to have a good time, please be courteous: we will escort you to leave/disqualify you if need be.

My 13 year old son loves zombies and really wants to run, can you make an exception?

We’re really sorry, but the age limit is 14 for this event and must run with an adult. 

I “joined” the event on facebook or planning on showing up the day of the event, is this OK? 

 “Joining” on facebook does not register for the event, please click here and register before the deadline (October 1, 2015).  Yes, there is a deadline for registration: our horde needs to know how much food they have showing up to the event, to know whether they need to make other feeding arrangements.  

What if I get hurt or injured during the run?

The Wilderness Search and Rescue Team will also be in attendance at the run to find/tend to any injured runners.  They will also fend off any zombies that may be closing in to finish the job. 

How do I prepare for a “survival obstacle course”?

Well, definitely keep an eye on the weather: you will get wet, so make sure you are dressed accordingly.  You should wear something on your feet that is comfortable and has a moderate amount of traction on it (keep in mind that your shoes will likely be destroyed after the event by the mud, etc.).  Make sure you eat something for breakfast and are well hydrated.  You may want to stretch a little before-hand too.   Bring a change of clothes for afterwards as well in a plastic bag with your name on it.  We will have a designated “bag check” area for your bag that will be staffed, which you can utilize for free, but we will not be responsible for lost/stolen items (we recommend that you not keep any valuables in the bag). 

Food/Drink in the park?

Within the course there will be a FREE water station.  After you finish the race will be a food vendor their selling food as well as water and other beverages.  The BEER truck will also be on site as well and you can purchase all the tasty beverages (and also redeem your free beer for running) you would like as you party your face off and enjoy the live music and zombie survival center.                                                       

Any other questions?  Feel free to e-mail us at: