Obstacle course

Will You Survive? 

Protect your brain and run for your life. This is one race where your legs giving out are the least of your problems. Run of the Dead is a unique event, one part 5K, one part mud run, one part escaping the clutches of zombies — and all parts AWESOME.

Runners will navigate a 5K course (through fields, wooded areas, swamps, rocks, hills and of course mud) in an attempt to reach the finish line — all while avoiding blood thirsty zombies. YES ZOMBIES. At the end of your wave, you can stick around and celebrate survival (or zombie transformation) with fellow runners, music, zombies, food, and of course, beer!

Basic Survival

Before the race, you will be given a flag belt, just like the game of flag football. These flags represent your health. The zombies want to take your flags and maybe eat your brains. If you lose all your health flags, you die. And the zombies win.  You have to finish with at least one flag to “finish” the course. There is no Time Limit, The goal is to finish and not get your brains devoured by the undead.


  • Zombies are always hungry for blood, guts and your brains.

  • Zombies will not intentionally physically contact any runner other than in attempt to pull a health flag.

  • Direct physical contact (pulling, grabbing, pushing, striking, etc.) between zombies and runners will not be permitted.

  • Do not taunt the zombies with your brains– that is just plain mean.

What You Get:

Besides bragging rights, all runners will receive:

  • A “Run of the Dead” tee.

  • Racing Bracelet complete with number (we know you’ve always wanted one).

  • Access To The Decontamination Zone.

  • Free Bag Check.

  • Admittance to the after party. Which includes music, food, adult beverages and other fun activities. THE DEAD PARTY – Will start as soon as you get there and the music will also begin throughout the afternoon. Beer, food, blood and guts will be available for purchase as well. We invite you to stay right at the park and party into the night like it’s your last day on this Earth! If that wasn’t enough, yes there will be one of the biggest bon fires you have ever witnessed at this after party! This years BBQ is being provided by Sharkey’s of Liverpool. 

  • Zombie Apocalypse– date TBD and maybe even some survival tips from the Wilderness Search and Rescue Team.

  • A Hangover.

  • The best (and possibly last) day of your life !​

How You’ll Do It

There will be a start line, and a finish line, but what happens in between is up to you. There might be multiple routes to reach the finish. Choose wisely, or your 5k might turn into a 10k. We do not record your time that is up to you. We also do not view this as a race but more of a challenge for you to complete. With our course the weather can add alot of different variables from year to year so please pay attention to the weather and plan accordingly. One thing you can count on is getting chased and getting muddy.

The Course

There will be a 5K course through the woods that will be physically challenging but not impossible. You will need all of your wits to safely reach the finish line. Thats because there will be a bunch of flesh-starved undead on your tail

What You're Up Against:

A few guidelines to make your race day go smoothly:

  • If all of your flags have been taken, you are NOT automatically transformed into a zombie and you may NOT take another runner’s flags, chase other runners, or pick up flags off the ground.  Zombie transformation occurs AFTER you’ve crossed the finish line (the virus needs time to take effect after infection).

  • Direct and intentional physical contact with any runner or zombie is strictly prohibited. You are not to touch, hit, punch, tackle, roundhouse kick, elbow drop, slap, scratch, pinch, spit on, bite, or do anything harmful to the physical health of our zombies or other runners…. no matter how frightened you may be.  Those in violation of this rule will automatically be disqualified and potentially escorted off of the grounds, without refund.

  • If you skip an obstacle or tuck your flags into your clothing, you are automatically disqualified from any prizes at the end of the race.   Regardless of the outcome, please make sure that we get your flag belt back from you.

  • Flags are to be visible to course officials and zombies (not covered by long clothing) and to be worn on the sides of the body.

  • Participants must wear their Run of the Dead Bracelet at all times.  Participants will not be allowed to race without an official bracelet & number.

  • Please arrive at least 1 hour prior to your wave start time to allow for ample time to complete the race day registration process.

  • Line up at least 10 minutes before your race wave at the start line.  Waves close 10 minutes after runners begin to cross the “Start” line.  You must run in the wave that you are assigned to.  Your wave will be identified when you register.

  • Visibly intoxicated guests will not be allowed to participate in the race.  Please arrive to your wave time SOBER.

  • Runners must be 15 years of age or older by race day in order to participate. If you are under the age of 18 you MUST have your parent or guardian present at registration and they must sign a special waver as well.

General Rules & Safety

  • For those not running in the race, you must check in at the registration tent prior to gaining access to the property. Spectator passes are available for purchase prior to the race and also on race day. These are also available at the registration tent. 

  • No weapons or mock weapons will be permitted on the premises.

  • No drugs, outside alcohol, or outside food/beverages are permitted on the property.  Food and beverages will be available for purchase inside the event.

  • No alcoholic beverages are to be consumed by persons under the age of 21: we will ID.

  • No pets or small children are allowed to race with you. Not even if they’re trained to hunt zombies.

  • For those not running in the race, you must check in at the food/beverage building prior to gaining access to the property. 

  • Participants and spectators must abide by all instructions given from the race directors, race staff, volunteers and medical/search and rescue personnel.

  • Do not drink and drive.

  • Several photographers and videographers will be stationed along the course.  Participants, spectators and volunteers must agree to allow the event producer (Syracuse Sports Association) to use any pictures or video footage of the event for future promotional purposes.

  • Please be prepared for running on uneven terrain and through mud, blood, etc.: wear appropriate footwear as well.

  • Dress for the weather!  Remember, it is October in central New York: we could see anything!

  • If you become lost or injured, the Wilderness Search and Rescue team will be at various check points throughout the course: stay where you are and yell “help”.

  • Overall: please be safe and have a good time.

Race Suggestions & Reminders

  • Bring an official form of identification (license, passport, photo ID, etc.) and you must sign a waiver to participate. We will not be able to let you into the event otherwise.

  • You will be covered in mud, zombie guts, body parts, and other apocalyptic liquids after the race so bring a towel and change of clothing (especially socks and clean shoes to change into).

  • Bring blankets and warm gear to change into following the race. (There is also a bag check this year)

  • Feel free to bring a lawn chair so that you can stick around for the music, bon fire and food/beverages.

  • Parking is on site.

  • Check the weather before the event to make sure you are prepared (i.e. umbrellas, warm gear, cold gear, wet gear, etc.).

  • Costumes are HIGHLY encouraged and who knows there might be random prizes awarded for your creativity!

  • We recommend you arrive at least 1-2 hours before your designated wave time to allow time for parking, registration, waiver signing, mental preparation, strategizing, and travel to the starting line.

  • Please register as soon as possible, so that we can be adequately prepared.  If you decide/have interest in participating following the registration deadline, please contact and we will try to fit you in, depending on capacity.

  • There will be some variability to times, so make sure you pay attention to what is going on.  Your start time and the number of waves will be dependent upon a number of factors, including: the number of participants, the weather, the time of your registration, the awesomeness of your costume, and your overall attitude about being devoured by ZOMBIES.

  • Remember to stick around after your wave to enjoy some tasty food, Beer, Music and generally the most kick butt after party this side of apocalypse!

  • This is not a race, but a challenge: which means we will not be timing you and you are not competing against the other participants.  It is up to you to finish and help others finish.  You may walk or run: you do not have to be faster than the zombies, just faster than your slowest team member.

  • We understand that there is some variability in the information listed above, but please be patient with us, and above all, have a great time!